Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Aziz Budri (Karimi)


Aziz Budri (Karimi) 

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Full Name While at IFHS Aziz Karimi 
Current Full Name Aziz Budri 
Home Address/City/State/Zip 400 Greenbriar Ln, Colleyville, Texas 76034 
Home Phone 817-714-3005
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Personal Email azizbudri at gmail dot com 
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For years I have been looking for each and everyone of my classmates, but up to very recently, to no avail. I have very fond memories from all of you. For the very first time in my life, I was an exchange student, faraway from home, among total strangers. But all of you, the people in Iowa Falls, and the neighboring towns made me feel very welcome.  Some of the fondest memories of my life were made that year. That summer, after saying goodbye to my host family, the Oswalds, and Iowa Falls, I, along 32 students from 32 different nations,  started a 6 week bus tour that ended in Washington D.C. We travelled over two dozen states and were hosted by local people along the way. That was an opportunity to make many more friends along the way, some of whom I am still in touch with.

 Just before departing for home, I was the guest of the late Senator Eugene McCarthy (the 1968 presidential candidate) and together with his daughter, Mary, watched the very first moon landing in his house. We were honored by meeting President Nixon, at the White House as well. 

Two years later, I returned to Iowa for my college education. Following the completion of my masters degree, I continued earning my PhD in political science. However, just before completion of my coursework, my homeland was invaded by the Soviets. That fateful event changed the course of my life as well . My dream was always to finish my education and return to Afghanistan and help develop it. I could have been a member of the cabinet by no  (Although, later, I was offered positions of that level by subsequent governments, I did not feel like accepting them.) Instead, I was forced to sacrifice my studies for helping my family and country fight the Soviets and later, the lawlessness that followed - endeavors that have continued to this day. In 1982, I moved to Dallas. where I have been residing ever since. Presently, I am retired and live in a Dallas suburb. So much has happened to my life that can easily make for a long reading - a book that I am working on, if I ever get to finish it.