Iowa Falls High School

Class of 1969

Memorial Arboretum

tree poster

A man plants a tree knowing he will never see it die; a man sees a tree die and wishes he could see it planted.

As we were planning the Memorial Service for our 45th Reunion, it dawned on us that if we plant trees at the rate of 3-5 per year (which will only grow in frequency as we age) that our tree planting project would becme cumbersome for us to complete.

We approached Calkins Nature Area and they worked with us to develop a plan where we can plant 150 trees now and we would be able to dedicate the project at our 50th Reunion.


The Calkins Plan can be read HERE.

The cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $6,900, but we need to raise at least $18,000 for maintenance and unforseen expense.  As of January 2018 we have raised $9,875.00.  A decent effort.  Plans are continuing to have a dedication at our 50th reunion.

If you are interested in donating you can send your donation to:  Ellsworth College Foundation, 1100 College Avenue, Iowa Falls, IA 50126.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - be sure to write in the Memo: "Class of 1969 Arboretum Project".  By using this method your donations are tax deductible.


Questions can be forwarded to Robert at: rallenhill at mchsi dot com.


 “The Committee”

Robert Hill, Linda (Goodenberger) Pierce, Thurston Lamberson, Laura (Fogarty) Hartkopp, Chris White-Rozendaal